What is  the Art Litartinglang?
Art Litartinglang means "Artificial Literary Art Writing Language".

What is the Al Bakiyye Language? 
Al Bakiyye Language is a artificial (Conlang) language. That is a Ural-Altay Conlang Language. 

Where and How can I learn Al Bakiyye Language? 
It is possible that, you can find source for the Al Bakiyye language to learn. 

What is the Alphabet of the Al Bakiyye language and how can I write it? 
The Al Bakiyye language has a special alphabet. There are many application that you write an article in Al Bakiyye language. 
You can write every thing in Al Bakiyye language with these keyboards; 
  1. Net Keyboard: You can see the remarks of the letters. 
  2. Mobile Keyboard: You can write a thing by clicks to the letters.
  3. Full Screen Keyboard: You can use your keyboard and code to write in Al Bakiyye language. 
You can find extra application on the Internet that you can use and write. 

Is there a dictionary of the Al Bakiyye language and where can I find it?
Yes, Al Bakiyye language has an online dictionary. You can find all words in this online dictionary. The dictionary name is "OluSoezluek." It means big dictionary. You can find also many alternative forms as PDF or ePub on the Internet.