What is  the Art Litartinglang?
Art Litartinglang means "Artificial Literary Art Writing Language". It is short version of these words. This word Art Litartinglang has been used like Conlang. It means Conlang in Al Bakiyye language. 

What is the Al Bakiyye Language? 
Al Bakiyye Language is a artificial (Conlang) language. That is a Ural-Altaic Conlang Language. There are many words from Turkish and Turkic language like Gokturk, Uyghur, Kazak, Ottoman etc. 

Where and How can I learn Al Bakiyye Language? 

What is the Alphabet of the Al Bakiyye language and how can I write it? 
The Al Bakiyye language has a special alphabet. Al Bakiyye Alphabet has 65 letters and some extra writing characters. There are many application that you write an article in Al Bakiyye language. 
You can write every thing in Al Bakiyye language with these keyboards; 
  1. - Keyboard-Search and Translate Box Form: Our this box form is so developed  by us.
    1. You can write something in Al Bakiyye alphabet,
    2. You can translate your Latin letters to Al Bakiyye letters.
    3. You can translate a word or sentences to other languages.
    4. You can search all details and infos about the Al Bakiyye Conlang. 
  2. - Ful Keyboard: You can write Latin letter and translate to Al Bakiyye latter.
  3. - Latin Form: You can write normal Latin letter and see the voice form in Latin letters of Al Bakiyye. 
  4. - Preview Keyboard Form: You can see the Latin letter of the Al Bakiyye letter when you go to buttons with mouse. 
  5. - Al Bakiyye to Latin: You can change and translate the Al Bakiyye latter to Latin. 
You can find extra application on the Internet that you can use and write. 

Is there a dictionary of the Al Bakiyye language and where can I find it?
Yes, Al Bakiyye language has an online dictionary. You can find all words in this online dictionary. The dictionary name is "OluSoezluek." It means big dictionary. You can find also many alternative forms as PDF or ePub on the Internet. 

* We are working create a new dictionary and translate system like Google, Yandex or Bing Translate. You can use all language to translate in Al Bakiyye, also you can see the remarks of the words. 
If we can make it, we can use Rastgelelik Dictionary System as you see on this link: Rastgelelik Sözlük

Is there any Blog or Website which created in Al Bakiyye Conlang?
Yes, we tried to create a website in Al Bakiyye Conlang. That is demo-Beta for now. But we will develop it. That is Baki.do.am
Also you can find some pages or blogs which have many articles and text in Al Bakiyye or the pages are in Al Bakiyye; We will create some pages with Wordpress, Blogger and others in Al Bakiyye Conlang.