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Al Bakiyye Grammar and Literature This book has many infos and details about the Al Bakiyye Language which is artificial language from turkish languages. The main expression language is English. We will try to teach to you the Al Bakiyye language.
ᒍ ᒍ≾Ɲ..↾Ḷ⟓৬ ᛠᒍБᒍГ๛ ⱱ ГȪ⊲Ċ৬ᓬƝ (El lesen-i Bakiyye telbelgesin ve gökçeyazin) - Al Bakiyye Grammar and Literature
What is Al Bakiyye Language? (Й ჰŧ ᒍ Ḷ⟓৬ ᒍ≾Ɲ⥙)
Al Bakiyye is artificial language. This language system is like Ural-Altay language family. Al Bakiyye has a special alphabet and letter system. There are a lot of words from Turkish, Orkhun, Arabic, Persian, English, German, etc. Al Bakiyye Alphabet hat total 65 characters. There are 3 special literature type for this language; Thanksgiving Diary, Damlahatnâme, begs to Lord. It has also 3 writing styles; Computer writing, handwriting and figûrat (Caliography).


Й ჰŧ ᒍ Ḷ⟓≾. ᒍ≾Ɲ⥙ (Nû ist el bakiyye lesang) - Whats is the Al Bakiyye Language?