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⥌ഥĴ⟓ᛠƑƝ (Adjektefen)

In the Al Bakkiye language, there are 4 forms that can make adjective. 

  1. Front of the noun; “৬Й Ḷર⊲ (Yeni barq)” 

  2. End of the noun; “৬Й Ḷર⊲..↾ ৬Й (Barq-ı Yeni)” 

  3. Along with artikel; “Ḷર⊲ᒍ৬Й (Barqalyeni)”

  4. Along with adjective and noun; “৬Й❞Ḷર⊲ (Yenunbarq”)

English: “New house” or “the house which is the new”.

Comparative and superlative adjectives




てરᒍ↾ (Hayarlı)

EN: good

ഥで てરᒍ↾ (Daha hayırlı)

EN: Better

Ɲ てરᒍ↾ (En hayırlı)

En: The best


English: Good Man

てરᒍ↾  ⥌ƆM (Hayarlı Adam)

⥌ƆM..↾ てર (Adam-ı Hayar)

⥌ƆMᒍてર (Adamalhayar)

てર❞⥌ƆM (Hayrunadam)

English: Adjectives
Deutsch: Adjektiven
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