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Modal Verbs - Passive Voice - Imperative Voice

MOഥᒍ〟, ЭƆᒍГ〟, Mર〟 (Modalen, Edelgen, Emeren)

Modal Verbs

The modal verbs in the Al Bakiyye are same to English and German. 

Modal Verbs

In English


ᓬO૪ + Mᒍ..↾ (Zol + Meli)

Must / Should

ᓬO૪ + main verb+Mᒍ..↾

⟓Ɲ -Э БᒍMЭ⟓ (Keyen -e bilmek)

Can, May, Might

⟓Ɲ + main verb+Э БᒍMЭ⟓

Ɔᒍર (diler)

Would, Want

Ɔᒍર + main verb

ഥ’ર❞Ɔ (Zorunda)

Have to

ഥ’ર❞Ɔ + main verb 


For Example: I have to go to work. 

ما ഥ’ર❞Ɔ Г@MЭ⟓  ᓬᎧ ᒍӬ ↓Ø. 

Reading: Men zorunda getmek zu la okkul.

Passive Voice


There are some types passive voice. 

  1. Spontaneously Passive: The glass is broken. 

  2. Subjective Passive: The glass is broken (by a person).

  3. Active Passive: The glass was broken (by another person). 

  4. Reflexive Passive: The glass has been broken (all glass are shattered).

  5. Doped Passive: The glass was broken by another person to another person. 

It can be made Passive in 3 types in Al Bakiyye language. 

  • Directly Addition: It can be added end of the verb “ᒍ - Ɲ”. 

    • ৬ CM ϢᎧરƆ て≾.@ᒍƆ (Ya Cam wurde hashataldiy) - The glass has been broken itself.

  • ᓬ≾. (Zesh) front addition + ᒍ - Ɲ end addition: 

    • ৬ CM ϢᎧરƆ ᓬ≾.て≾.@ᒍƆ (Ya Cam wurde zeshhashataldiy.) - The glass turned into pieces, shattered)

  • M⥌Ɲ - M⥌Ɲ↾ - M⥌Ɲ ᛠ Structure: With this form can make a passive sentence. 

    • Form: M⥌Ɲ / M⥌Ɲ↾ / M⥌Ɲᛠ + ToBe + Main verb + Addition + Tense.

    • Note: It always has to use 3. personal pronoun form in the tenses. Man can have adjectives and articles. 

 MAN Versions: 

Singular good person

a good female person or plural persons

Singular or plural bed persons.

M⥌Ɲ (Man)

M⥌Ɲ↾ (Mani)

M⥌Ɲᛠ (Manta)

 MAN Verb additions and Features: 







O - Ȫ


It is written.

An object is written by a person.




It is written Spontaneously. 

It is written Spontaneously. 




It is printed

An object is printed by another object

Finally Mode



It has been written.

The work is done, writing is done by a thing.

In case an object is made by another person by another person

Г + fiil ᛠ°

Г৬ᓬᛠ° (Geyazt)

It is printed to a person by another person.

Bir kişi, bir başkasına bir nesneyi yazdırtmaktadır.

the object is printed by one means to another by another.

Г + fiil + ᛠ@

Г৬ᓬᛠ@ (Geyaztet)

the object is printed by one means to another by another.

the object is printed by one means to another by another.

Continue situation



It is continues to be written.

An object is continues to be written by itself or by a person.


For Example: 

En: This book was printed to us.

BK: Ḷ Бᛠ⟓ ϢᎧરƆ M⥌Ɲ БᓬЭ Г৬ᓬƆᛠ°.

Reading: Bu betik wurde man biyze geyazdith.

For Example Sentences: A new, big book by a well-known, well-mannered elderly person will be printed on another.

BK: Бર ৬Ɲ↾ Бᛠ⟓ᒍ⧽Ꭷ ϢરƆ ৬ Эԋᛠ৬ર..↾M⥌Ɲ Г৬ᓬ⥌CĴᛠ@. 

Reading: Ber yeniy betikelolu werde ya ehteyar-iy man geyazacajgtat.)

Imperative Voice

It is used infinitive verb and “!” end of the sentences.

Гᒍ! (Gel) - Come!

⥌ᒍ (Al) - Take it!


Positive imperative

Negative imperative

Wish imperative

Passive imperative

Гᒍ! (Gel) - Come

ГᒍM⥌! (Gelme) - dont come

ГᒍЭ! (Gele)

come please

ГᒍƝᒍЭ! (Gelenele)


English: Modal Verbs - Passive Voice - Imperative Voice
Deutsch: Modalverben - Passive Stimme - Imperative Stimme
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