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Ya Rab’Ba Ni-yaz Divine Rules

৬ ૭’’ᎧમᒍƝ..↾ મḶБ Й৬ᓬ (Ya guralen-i Rayb'be Nuyaz)

There are some rules that we write somethings to the god. For the god there are some rules. 

The personal pronoun of the God: て (Hay)

Article: ৬ (Ya) and I (Ay)

Tobe:  ჰŧ (İst) or ഥ (Dır)

  • “Ϣર” (War) is not used in outside present simple tense.

  • The personal pronoun is never used in the verb. 

For example

Normal Sentences: 

  • ما Ϣર  БરMЭ⟓. (Men war bermek) : I give

  • ما ϢરƆ Бર⥌CĴما. (Men werde berecejmen): I will give

  • ๛ ϢᎧરƆ БરƆ๛ (Sin wurde berdisen) :  You gave

Divine Sentences:

  • て Ϣર БરMЭ⟓ (Hay war bermek.) : Allah gives.

  • て Бર⥌CĴ (Hay berecej) : Allah will give.

  • て БરƆ (Hay berdi) : Allah gave.

ჰŧ = て ჰŧ ∧ᒍʷԋ (Hay ist Allah) : It is Allah who is the One.

= て ∧ᒍʷԋ°ഥ (Hay Allah’dır) : It is Allah who is the One.

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