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Al Bakiyye Literature

ᒍ Ḷ⟓৬ ГȪ⊲Ċ৬ᓬλ (Al bakiyye gokceyazinch)

All literature genre like roman, lyric, theater etc can used in the Al Bakiyye. Also, In the Al Bakiyye language there are 3 literature genre. These are Damlahatname, Yazlam and gratitude journal. 

 Gratitude journal

ᒍ Г❞C..↾ MᎧてБʷ@❞ ৬ てᒍ〟 (El gunce-i mohabbatun ya haylan) 

That is a greatitude, praying, giving thanks, calling to God. 

Chapters: Title, Preliminary Input, Imprint, Rosary, Thanksgiving Diary, Word, Nukte, Prayer, Procedure, Patrol, Commentary, result and supplication.

Yazlam (ᒍ ৬ᓬ૪) Literary softwriting

This genre is a literary genre written like programming languages. 


  1. Value assignment:  ⧽ 

  2. Value definition: [Feature saying]

  3. Provide the process

  4. Context

For example: 


⧽  ما, ๛, Ḷર⊲;

 ما = Mark [ર, Ḷᕴ: 1.63],

๛ = Julia [Ɔ≾.↾, Ḷᕴ: 1.53],

Ḷ = Ḷર⊲ [৬Й, ⧽Ꭷ, 3 ⧽Ɔᒍ↾]; 

Ƒ  ما (じてḺ = Ḻમ) 

{ Ḷ = ԋ (“You could buy a home.”) }

≾Э Ƒ ๛ (じてḺ = Ḻમ)

{ Ḷ = ԋ (“You could buy a home.”) }


{Ḷ = ᕴ↓ (“You haven’t got money, you can not buy a house”) } 

// Ḻમ ჰŧ MᎧ’ԋƝ

#Б⧽ Ċᒍ≾. 



<Б Title

⧽ A, B, C; 

A = Name[Boy, long: 1.63],

B = Name [Sex, long: 1.53],

C = Home [new, big,  3 rooms];

Ƒ A (have money)

{ C = ԋ (“you can buy a house.”)}

≾Э Ƒ B (have money)

{C = ԋ (“you could buy a house”) }


{C = ᕴ↓ (“If you haven’t money you can not buy a house”) }

//The money is important

#Work too much. 


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